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        企業簡介Corporate  Profile








        Chongqing Hemu Environmental Protection Engineering Co., Ltd., established in 2011 and located in Chongqings Liangjiang New Area, has a registered capital of RMB18 million and is a high-tech enterprise specially engaged in environmental pollution control and comprehensive environmental protection services and awarded the Class I license for the control of wastewater, waste gas, noise and solid wastes. The company provides our customers with one-stop services in environmental pollution control, including investment, R&D, consultation, design, construction, operations and equipment, thereby effectively coordinating the various industry chains to jointly form overall core competitive advantages.

        Starting with the dream of Blue waters and Castle Peak, A harmonious universe, Mr. Zhou Qiang, Chairman of the Board, has led a group of far-sighted people with the same sense of social responsibility to devote to environmental protection, actively undertake the social responsibility of an environmental protection enterprise, promote the transformation from industrial civilization to ecological civilization and contribute to the construction of a beautiful China.

        As a practice base for students graduating from the School of Urban Construction and Environmental Engineering of Chongqing University and the School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering of Yangtze Normal University as well as a cooperator with Three Gorges Reservoir Region Environmental Monitoring and Disaster Prevention Engineering Research Center, Chongqing Hemu Environmental Protection Engineering Co., Ltd. attaches much importance to technical R&D and has always dispatched our technical team to research institutes both at home and abroad for learning and exchanges, thus gaining strong technical support.

        The company has been insisting on technical innovation as our core development strategy and devoted to the industrialization, promotion and application of new technologies and upgraded alternative technologies, and has obtained multiple patent certificates. At present, the company has fully mastered RTO, RCO, CO, photo-degradation, low-temperature plasma and other VOC control technologies, the various dust pollution control technologies, high concentration chemical wastewater and other wastewater treatment technologies and noise control technologies. It has now many successful cases in Chongqing, among which the majority are listed enterprises and well-known state-owned and foreign-owned enterprises, and has won unanimous praise from the owners by effectively relieving their worries. 

        The company not only strives to improve the environmental protection and pollution control technologies but also gives priority to the owners property safety, with the aim to provide the owners with more reliable and perfect products and services.

            Technology improves the environment and innovation creates value. The company will continue persisting in the core values of continuous innovation, pursuit of perfection and responsibility, thereby creating exceptional value for the society and making the company grow into a modern and specialized large-scale comprehensive environmental protection enterprises in a stable and rapid way.

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